A Statement Regarding the Legislative Proposal for the CAP After 2020, Presented by the EC on 1 June 2018, and the Ongoing Negotiations for the Next MFF (07.04.19)

BAALO understands the importance and the meaning of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy.

The Association acknowledges that this is one of the most complicated and comprehensive EU policies.

Taking in view the interests of Bulgaria, the latest debates in the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament, BAALO considerations are as follows:

1. Proposed ceiling for direct payments is NOT approved of

Each Member State has its own identical specifications and must itself assess how to develop the agricultural business and respectively, how to support it.

There are still huge discrepancies between the development and the amount of support between old and new Member States.

If, however, such a decision is taken, it should be made possible for each Member State to be free to set a framework and a mechanism on whether, when and how to apply a ceiling for direct payments.

2. A reduction in the budget, assigned for the Agricultural Sector in Bulgaria for the next programming period should NOT be allowed

3. Particular attention should be paid to external convergence (convergence of payment levels between Member States)

The final objective should be to align and equalise the amount of direct payments for all Member States by 2027.

4. In the case of a budget reduction under the second pillar, the difference shall be borne by the budget of the Republic of Bulgaria.

5. The percentage assigned for tied support should not be reduced

This type of support is extremely important for sensitive sectors such as livestock, fruit and vegetables, etc.

6. In introducing green and environmental measures as part of the fight against climate change, a balanced approach should be envisioned that would not allow the farmers to be burdened in any manner

7. A budget for the new programming period allowing the realisation (design, construction, etc.) of consolidation and hydro-meliorative projects (irrigation, drainage and prevention) in agriculture, to be negotiated and secured

BAALO considers that in Bulgaria, economically efficient agriculture cannot be practised without the implementation of complex measures related to land use management and hydromelioration systems

The Bulgarian Association of Agricultural Land owners supports the efforts of the other branch organizations in Bulgaria for the development of strong, sustainable and competitive agriculture. The Bulgarian Association of Agricultural Land Owners supports the General Statement of 12 March 2019, adopted at the forum of the “Three Seas” region in Sofia.