The Bulgarian Association of Agricultural Land Owners is an association which proclaims innovative ideas and realizes projects in the sphere of agriculture.

It is established in 2007 by 7 corporate partnerships, which invest in agricultural land. BAALO has the ambition to attract more and more new members and expand its scope. At present, the association includes many of the largest owners of agricultural land in Bulgaria. The members own about 300 000 ha. Their property is situated in more than 2 500 villages. Many of those companies are in financial groups with firms engaged in the agriculture with a large variety of activities – grain production, horticulture, essential oil production, viticulture, cattle breading.

The total number of members (associated and full) is 39.

The main purposes of BAALO are as follows:
Acceleration of the process of the integrated land consolidation;
Effective utilization of agricultural sources;
Creation of conditions for the modern development of Bulgarian agriculture;
Maintenance of active co-operation with the other participants in agricultural relations, mainly lease-holders, owners and the government;
Establishing of sheer, regulated and liquid market by making general system for management and granting on lease the lands, which are property of the associations-members of BAALO.

Such united policy is orientated to improve the relations between the users and the owners of agricultural land in addition to the government as the biggest owner of land.

The main activity of each of the associations- members of BAALO is directed to purchase, concentration, re-allocation and renting and granting on lease agricultural land.