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Our main goal is to conduct a policy aimed at improving the relations between land users and the owners of such, including the state, which is a large land owner.

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12 - 13 April 2019


During a seminar held in Borovets on April 13th-14th 2019, the Chairperson of the Board of Managers, Stayko Staykov, announced that the agricultural land market was stable and predictable during the past year with a stable minimum growth of agricultural price rates of 5%. He believes that this tendency will continue into the current year with the secondary market increasing its influence. Mr Staykov specified that there is an ongoing purchasing interest towards quality agricultural land which price is defined not only by its climate and terrain specifications but also by the size of the plot, its soil qualities, irrigation availability and contract conditions for renting the land.

Statements and Regulatory base

A Statement Regarding New Rules and Prices needed to Compensate Compulsory Agricultural Land Expropriation (18.09.19)
BAALO claims compensation packages are too low and therefore irrelevant to market conditions The Bulgarian Association of Owners of Agricultural Land (BAALO) insists on regulatory changes to create safeguards for owners of private estates, by reconsidering the rules for determining the compensat ...
A Statement Regarding the Thematic Working Group for Drafting a Strategic Plan for the Development of Agriculture and Rural Areas for the Programming Period 2021-2027 (05.08.19)
The Bulgarian Association of Owners of Agricultural land Owners (BAALO) declares its willingness to take part in the Thematic Working Group on the evolvement of a strategic plan for the Development of Agriculture and Rural Areas for the programming period 2021-2027. BAALO expresses its concern r ...
A Statement Regarding the Necessity and the Benefits of an Establishment of a National Chamber of Agriculture (07.06.19)
The Bulgarian Association of Agricultural Land Owners, considering the public interest, believes that the time for the establishment of a National Chamber of Agriculture has come. A Chamber to unite the NGOs in the agricultural sector; for Bulgarian agriculture to have a unified national organis ...

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